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  1. dumann78 says:

    Hi again anubhava, thanks for visit page to try help. But i solve my problem with trim func. Thanks anyway have a nice day.

  2. My name is elli and i want to ask you, how you can start your job and how many experienced you have.i love to know if you can guide and sharing your experience with me. I am new in IT and i dont understand how would i start my career and job, I am jobless, i am very responsible

  3. Deepak says:

    Hello anubhava

    this is my question on SO topic is htacess to redirect page


    Html & PHP Page both are open I want one page open in site only html if user click the php file then open the HTML page another wise html are automatically on site.

    Just Example the user search in google and blog linking is open in php and “Main site is set in all html format”

    if user put those link on urls then always open the html link in site



    How to do this using htacess and php

  4. Dinesh says:

    Please guide me to how to design web pages without .html extensions using notepad or notepad++. I do not have sound knowledge about web design except html,CSS coding. I appreciate if someone can guide me from the scratch right from coding and uploading the files through FTP(preferably FileZilla). Do I need to create a .htaccess file and put all pages under it and then upload it to the web server??



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