Database testing using Generic Fixture

As I have mentioned in my Introduction to Generic Fixture post that we can use Generic Fixture to write acceptance tests to validate almost any type of Java application. In my previous posts I demonstrated how to make use of Generic Fixture to write automated web tests and testing EJBs. Let’s now see how to use Generic Fixture for writing queries against an Oracle database.

We shall keep the database connection parameters in a separate SetUp page as well as the connection closing code in a separate TearDown page. After that we shall write our query in main test page. That way we can utilize SetUp and TearDown pages in all of our test pages without repeating that code again and again in for each test.

I am assuming that your FitNesse server process is running on localhost on post 8000. If that is not the case then please change the URLs accordingly.

To test a database we shall need the database vendor supplied JDBC driver to be able to make JDBC calls. In this example since we are using Oracle we are going to need Oracle’s JDBC driver jar file. You can place your JDBC driver jar file anywhere on your system where FitNesse server is running and give the path in !path directive of FitNesse. Continue reading